Socialtext 4.0 Adds Twitter-Like Features

Socialtext, the collaboration and social networking software for corporate users, has just released its latest version. While it has many of the features found in social networking environments, like a wiki, chat, messaging and user activity updates, it’s presented without a lot of the junk found on the general, broadbased Internet sites like Facebook and Wikipedia. Datamation has more details.

PALO ALTO, Calif. — Socialtext’s latest release continues to expand the features of its enterprise social software platform. Version 4.0 is being sent out to registered users Wednesday; the company also offers enterprises an on-premises appliance version that can also be updated.

The company is one of several enterprise software firms pushing tools to tap the power of wikis and other popular consumer collaborative tools. For example, Socialtext’s Signals is a Twitter-like microblogging tool designed for businesses and large organizations.

In version 4.0, Signals now has filtering options designed to make it easier for users to get at the most relevant messages. Users can post a tweet-like Signal to a specific group they belong to in the organization — such as Marketing or Operations — or to all employees. Meanwhile, a drop-down menu gives users the option to view Signals only from specific groups.

Similarly, version 4.0 adds filtering to its Activity Streams, which lets users see ready updates of what groups or individuals are working on.

Read the full story at Datamation:

Socialtext 4.0 Filters Twitter-Like Signals

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