Socialtext 4.5 Taps Into Salesforce

Socialtext is one of several companies vying to become “the Facebook of the enterprise.” The idea is to leverage the fact that a younger generation workforce is already trained and more comfortable with social networking services like Facebook and resists more traditional enterprise tools like email. Plus, social networking offers a richer, more real-time level of collaboration that companies need in an increasingly fast-paced, competitive environment.

As eCRM Guide reports, Socialtext 4.5 connects with Salesforce and also offers a broader selection of discovery or search results from company blogs, pictures, posts and documents.

Enterprise social network vendor Socialtext has released a major update to its platform that adds a “connector” and an advanced search feature called Socialtext Explore.

Socialtext says the new connector, available now as a beta release, lets Socialtext users “inject” actions from Salesforce as events into Socialtext’s activity stream. The value of bringing those actions into the activity stream is that it becomes available to employees across the company or enterprise, not just the sales staff on the customer relationship management (CRM) system.

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Socialtext 4.5 Adds Connector

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