Startup Offers SMBs a New Spin on A/B Testing

It seems simple on its face. It’s an either/or proposition. Potential customers respond more favorably to one design or offer or another. In marketing, it’s called A/B testing.

But in practice, good and thorough A/B testing can be difficult and expensive to implement, particularly for small businesses looking to optimize their websites. But a startup called Optimizely, co-founded by a Google veteran and member of the Obama campaign team, thinks it has an answer. Optimizely has debuted a new product to simplify A/B testing, boiling the technical procedure to clicking buttons and adding a single line of JavaScript. Small Business Computing takes a look.

How effective is your website? Are you getting enough traffic? Is your current design generating enough sales and sales leads?

One way companies from Gary’s Good Eats to Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) can get a better idea of what works and what doesn’t is what’s called A/B testing, a technique that consumer companies have long used to test responses to new products and services. Basically, the idea in advertising is to test one design or offer (Test A) and another design or offer (Test B) to see which one is better received.

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Simplify A/B Test Marketing for Your Website

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