SuccessFactors Expands Staff Management

Human resources and strategy software provider SuccessFactors today unveiled three new products all designed to help companies realize their goals of better employee management.

SuccessFactors (NASDAQ:SFSF) has been around as a software-as-a-service (SasS) provider since 2001. Its products are geared toward employee management with functionality like a step-by-step performance review assistant for managers, succession and promotion planning.

The software connects to other enterprise information systems, such as payroll, ERP, and CRM systems in order to provide a better understanding of each employee’s performance. “We can increase a customer’s top-line growth by three or more percentage points and cut costs as well,” Paul Albright, SuccessFactors CMO, told

The new products – SuccessCloud, business execution software, and the Strategy Deployment solution – provide access to anonymized benchmarking data regarding pricing, costs, and salaries. They can compare their numbers with peers in an industry segment or with all of SuccessFactors’ customers, which number over 2,800 in 185 countries worldwide.

“When I talk to a CEO, I ask them, on a scale of 1 to 100, what percentage of the organization’s goals are they meeting. The CEO usually gives me a number between 30 and 70. If they say 30, I can get to them 50. If they say 70, I can get them close to 90,” said Albright.

Newly-added data connectors and APIs help companies extract key data from their enterprise software investments.

“We do not replace a company’s existing investments in enterprise software,” said Albright. “We help their past investments in SAP, Oracle, and other software become more valuable and extend the life of those investments.”

Managers can incorporate key data points through XML output into reports to the board or to executives.

The SuccessCloud costs between $50 and $100 per user per year, with volume discounts available.

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