SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5 Debuts

From a technology perspective, the new SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5 release is based on the upstream OpenStack Juno milestone ( that was first released on October 16, 2014. Among the new technologies that landed in OpenStack Juno is the Sahara Big Data processing project. The SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5 platform includes Sahara, and is also working with Big Data vendor MapR, to enable support for the MapR Enterprise distribution of Hadoop, via the MapR Sahara plugin.

On the networking front, the SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5 release now supports the Midokua MidoNet SDN platform which integrated with the OpenStack Neutron networking project. Chadwick noted that Midokura has tested their Neutron plug-in with SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5 and SUSE and Midokura can now jointly support customers that deploy the integrated solution.

Among the other improvements in the SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5 release is an enhanced installer. From its very first SUSE Cloud release, SUSE has been leveraging the Dell Crowbar open-source project for OpenStack installation. Chadwick explained that the SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5 installer is still based on Crowbar but it has been enhanced significantly since Dell stopped working on the code base.

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