Tcat Tomcat Java Server Gets a Major Update

Setting up and configuring a Java app server isn’t child’s play and can take quite a bit of work. Nothing like some management tools to protect you from that headache. Mulesoft, developer of the Tcat Server that runs on Apache Tomcat, has updated its software with that issue in mind. Datamation has the story.

For some enterprise Java users, Java EE is not the right solution for their middleware server — Apache Tomcat is.

Tomcat is a widely deployed open source Java JSP and servlet container that has recently gained commercial support by way of several vendors.

One of the commercial implementations of Tomcat comes from software vendor MuleSoft with its Tcat Server, which this week it updated to version R2 this week.

The MuleSoft Tcat server adds management features on top of the open source Apache Tomcat to make the server easier to manage and deploy.

Read the full story at Datamation:

MuleSoft Updates Tcat Tomcat Java Server

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