Top OpenStack Security Dev from Nebula Didn’t go to Oracle, He Went to Netflix

From the ‘Where are they now?’ files:

Lots of chatter in my news feeds the last few days about Oracle allegedly hiring most of Nebula’s OpenStack devs. Trouble is it’s not entirely accurate.

Brian Payne, one of the co-founders of the OpenStack Security Group and a former OpenStack Hardening Guideemployee of the now-defunct company Nebula did not joint Oracle, he went to Netflix. I’ve seen Payne speak passionately at the last four or five OpenStack Summit events around the world on the topic of OpenStack cloud security.

For me (being a security,cloud,Linux guy) Payne was a leading voice within Nebula and the OpenStack community as a whole. Nebula (his employer) went out of business earlier this year and at the time I speculated that the top talent would be picked up.

Payne now holds the title of Engineering Manager, Platform Security at Netflix. Netflix of course is *not* an OpenStack vendor, but rather is the poster child of Amazon AWS.

Now that doesn’t mean that OpenStack will be without security leadership. OpenStack has a dedicated security site at and there has been a merger of the Vulnerability Management Team with the OpenStack Security Group.

I can’t speak to the rest of Nebula staff, and no doubt some of them have landed at Oracle – but not all.

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