Twitter Launches Dynamic Home Page Redesign

Is Twitter all grown up? The company launched a sleek new redesign of its home page on Tuesday, which it says in part is meant to convey to the world that it’s no longer just about status updates.

No, Twitter’s redesigned home page offers a more interactive representation of things like top-trending topics, aiming to make its value as a real-time information hub more readily evident to the untrained eye.

Datamation takes a look.

Twitter on Tuesday launched a redesigned home page, giving the messaging service an interactive makeover that highlights the up-to-the second tweets about the most buzz-worthy topics on the Internet.

“Twitter’s homepage is a work-in-progress,” the company wrote in a blog post. “Today, we’re testing a new design that bubbles up more of the information flowing through Twitter.”

The changes will jump out to visitors who were familiar with the old site. The trending topics section, which had previously sat as a static column on the right side of the page, now scrolls like a news ticker across the top of the screen.

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Twitter Gives Home Page a Dynamic Redesign

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