Twitter Touts Mobile, Third-Party Client Use

For many of the legions of Twitter users, their experience with the microblogging service is defined by the bevy of third-party applications that tap into their accounts and enable them to send messages outside of the Twitter site. But in the mobile arena, seemingly a perfect fit for the short-message format, adoption hasn’t been as robust as the company’s founders envisioned.

In an attempt to boost its branded presence on popular mobile platforms, Twitter has acquired Tweetie, eventually renamed “Twitter for iPhone,” and launched a similar service for Android. Enterprise Mobile Today has the details on the latest from Twitter CEO Evan Williams about the company’s work in the mobile and client arena.

One might think that from the start, Twitter should have been a natural match for mobile devices, considering their suitability for short text messages and Twitter’s 140 character limit on tweets.

But while the microblogging service has always had mobile users, it hasn’t achieved the kind of traction its creators envisioned when they first launched Twitter, they admitted this week.

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Twitter Details Mobile Growth, Third-Party Client Use

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