VMware Launches vSphere 5

The promise of virtualization has always been about improving efficiency and server utilization. It’s a promise that VMware is now expanding with an updated Cloud Infrastructures Suite that has a focus on virtualization automation.

Among the key components of the suite is the new vSphere 5 release which provides new virtualization, storage, performance and automation improvements. “The cost of infrastructure at the end of the day is not the cost of the hardware and the software, it’s the cost of operating it,” Paul Maritz, VMware CEO said in a press conference announcing vSphere 5.”Allowing people to take their resources, aggregate them into larger pools and operate them more efficiently in a more automated manner, is the fundamental starting point for this journey of transformation.”

Maritz noted that at some point in the next year, over 50 percent of all server workloads will be virtualized which will be a major milestone. The new vSphere 5.0 release is all about helping to enable the other 50 percent of workloads for virtualization.

“vSphere 5 provides the resource pooling, it’s what allows you to take all of your server, storage and network resources and turn those into essentially a giant automated computer,” Maritz said.

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VMware Launches vSphere 5

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