VMware Wants Its vFabric Cloud Tech Everywhere

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  • VMware at VMworld 2010 talks up vFabric for the cloud

    It’s already a powerhouse when it comes to enterprise virtualization, but VMware has its sights set higher: the cloud.

    This week at VMworld, the company will be laying out its IT as a Service strategy, central to which will be a tightly integrated set of cloud offerings wound together in an arrangement VMware calls vFabric. The idea is to give IT administrators all the tools and services they need to set up, secure and manage enterprise applications in the cloud — based, of course, on its own ESX virtualization technology. ServerWatch takes a look.

    The concept of the cloud means different things to different stakeholders. For virtualization vendor VMware (NYSE: VMW), its vision of the cloud is enables IT to take on more of a service role in the enterprise. And it says it now has the tools to such a transformation in motion.

    At VMware’s VMworld conference, the virtualization vendor today announced its new vFabric application fabric for the cloud, as well as security and management technologies designed to enable the cloud as an IT service platform.

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    VMware Weaves vFabric as Its Cloud Computing Application Platform

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