What Applications Do Enteprises Run on Linux?

While Linux is a general-purpose operating system that can be used to run any number of applications, some applications are more widely deployed than others. Seventeen percent of respondents noted that they currently run business intelligence applications on Linux, while 14 percent said they use Linux for Web server deployments. Only 6 percent said they currently run an Oracle Database on Linux, and 11 percent indicated they are running a non-Oracle database on Linux.

Taking a forward-looking approach, 76 percent indicated that they plan to run Web servers on Linux, and 63 percent said they plan to run an Oracle Database on Linux. In contrast, 51 percent noted they plan to run a non-Oracle database on Linux. The SUSE survey did not ask respondents about their use of any specific Linux vendor distribution. Oracle has its own Linux distribution that is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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