Will Partners Follow Microsoft to the Cloud?

Microsoft convened its annual partner conference this week, as systems integrators, resellers, developers and others converged on the nation’s capital to hear what the software giant is up to for the coming year. If five days of meetings and speeches were boiled down to a word, it would be “cloud.”

From Steve Ballmer on down the line, Microsoft executives hammered away at the company’s grand designs on cloud computing. But some partners and customers might be less enthusiastic, Datamation reports.

Microsoft executives speaking at the company’s annual gathering of partners and resellers in Washington this week were adamant that the software giant is moving to the cloud — that it’s “all in” when it comes to embracing the technology

But the $64,000 question is will customers, partners and others that depend on Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) for a living move to the cloud as well — and if so, how soon?

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Can Microsoft Get Customers, Partners to Buy In to the Cloud?

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