Windows 7 Poised for Enterprise Takeoff

Across the tech industry, vendors have been eagerly anticipating the enterprise refresh, that happy time when IT buyers feel confident enough with the state of the economy to begin opening their wallets and replacing old systems and software.

Looking only at early sales of Windows 7, Forrester Research is projecting that the next major corporate IT refresh is not far off. What gives the analysts that confidence? Looking at early uptake of Windows 7, they found that the operating system is already in much wider use than was Vista at a comparable period after its release.

Datamation takes a look at Forrester’s thoughts on Windows 7 and bullish projection for IT buyers.

A new study on corporate adoption of Windows 7 shows that the new operating system has already made serious inroads on the enterprise desktop — signaling that the start of corporate deployments en masse is not far off.

The report, issued by analyst firm Forrester Research, found that only six months after its October launch, Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) Windows 7 was already running on 7.4 percent of some 90,000 PCs that visited Forrester’s site.

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The Windows 7 Wave Is On Its Way

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