Windows 7 to Net Big Savings for Small Business

For IT buyers, the ultimate metric of success is the ROI. That is, how soon can buyers expect their investments to pay for themselves through associated productivity increases or other gains?

For Microsoft’s Windows 7, the break-even point could come sooner than normal, according to new research from IDC. The analyst firm projects that SMBs can recoup the investment in Windows 7 in as few as seven months. Small Business Computing takes a look.

A leading technology research firm reported Thursday that deploying Windows 7 can save IT decision makers at small and medium-sized business (SMB) significant time and money.

The IDC study, which was commissioned by Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), found that SMBs could recoup their investments for deploying Windows 7 in as little as seven to eight months. That should give IT decision makers more confidence in the new system as they plan to deploy Windows 7 small business software.

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Windows 7 Promises Quick ROI for SMBs

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