Wrestling with Enterprise 2.0’s ROI

A fast-growing swarm of companies offers various social networking tools and services as part of the so-called Enterprise 2.0 trend.

Many of these services mimic or at least closely follow the features of consumer services like Facebook and Twitter, but with enterprise-grade security and compliance included. Benefits include increased collaboration and communication among employees and management, but is it possible to specifically quantify the return on investment these services offer? CIO Update examines the issue.

Enterprise 2.0 collaboration platforms and tools provide organizations with new avenues for communication and information sharing. They can provide presence, messaging, video and community forums among other features with the promise of helping enterprises and their CIOs be more productive and efficient.

But it is possible to actually quantify the benefits of Enterprise 2.0 collaboration platforms? That’s one key question that arose during the Enterprise 2.0 conference this week, with an array of expert panelists providing some very different responses.

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Can CIOs Quantify Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration Benefits?

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