WS02 Brings Middleware to the Cloud

Middleware vendor WS02 is advancing its PaaS offering this week with the release of Stratos 1.5. Statros is an open source project that is also available as service from WSO2 with Stratos Live, which is hosted on Amazon’s EC2.

As opposed to simply putting a WS02 Carbon server on Amazon, Stratos provides cloud features that are required for service delivery.

“We do have cloud images of Carbon that can be used in a public cloud that support elasticity,” Paul Fremantle, WSO2 co-founder and CTO, told “But what they don’t support is the real cloud native features like multi-tenancy, metering and enabling is self service.”

The Stratos 1.5 release builds on the latest WSO2 Carbon framework release, which was released at the end of June. One of the key new features in the Carbon release was the inclusion of a Complex Event Processing (CEP) capability that is now being brought to Stratos as a cloud service. CEP enables users and developers to identify patterns and trends in blocks of data.


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WS02 Brings Middleware to the Cloud

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