Yahoo Expands Mobile Web Search

Any Internet-enabled mobile phone in the U.S. can now access Yahoo’s
oneSearch. Previously available only
through Yahoo Go for Mobile 2.0, oneSearch is available at and is designed to make searching for and finding information as quick as possible for
consumers, according to a statement.

For example, the company said, users wanting to go to a movie need only to type the name of the movie into the oneSearch box. The
search results would first list the movie, including a user rating, as well as
local theaters at which the movie is playing and news headlines
related to the movie.

Yahoo monetizes the product with sponsored search results and display
advertisements that users can click on to go to the advertiser’s
mobile Web page or a landing page. Advertisers have the option to
offer users click-to-call.

The company first introduced oneSearch for Yahoo Go for
Mobile 2.0, which debuted in January at the Consumer Electronics Show.
That application’s interface features a carousel design for user
navigation between a selection of Yahoo widgets, including ones for e-
mail, local search and maps, news, sports, finance, entertainment,
weather, photo sharing from Yahoo property Flickr and search.

OneSearch will be available in additional country and language
versions in the coming months.

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