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IGA Cybermarket Moves into Second Generation

Marchands en alimentation Agora unveiled the second-generation version of its IGA Cybermarket site.

According to Agora, more than half a million dollars went into the project, significantly upgrading the bilingual commercial Web site that now boasts 14,000 members and 10,000 visits every week.

The new site features clear photographs of each food product. Items can be clicked and dragged to a virtual shopping cart at the bottom of the screen, the company stated.

A major innovation is the introduction of bar codes in the online shopping process, Agora noted. Using an "InfoPen," shoppers are able to scan the bar codes on products in their own kitchens that they wish to add to the shopping list. Then they simply plug in the pen and transfer the information to the IGA Cybermarket site. About 100 bar codes can be stored in the pen at one time.

Marchands en alimentation Agora is a wholesale food distributor represented in the retail market by affiliated grocers, who account for 20% of the market in Quebec. These grocers operate under nine names, the most well-known of which are IGA, Les Marchs Tradition, Bonichoix, and Boni-Soir convenience stores. Agora-affiliated grocers (Quebec division) have combined annual retail sales of approximately $3 billion.