AOL Drops Multi-level Marketing Program

America Online has canceled the AOL Select referral program, just one month after entering into a test marketing venture with Monument Communications.

Marketers who signed up for the program are
demanding to know why the potentially lucrative multi-level marketing plan was dropped.

AOL Select was designed to allow members to generate commissions when they or their respective sales representatives sold AOL subscriptions. AOL
Select representatives could also offer to sell other products and
services, including DirecTV satellite television service, IBM Aptiva
computers and Metrocall wireless e-mail.

AOL spokesman Tricia Primrose said the program never moved past the preliminary stage. She said AOL decided to scrub it before launching. The company did not elaborate on why it was canceled.

Monument was targeting consumers who “resisted
getting on-line due to fear or lack of information.” Richard Warren,
president and co-founder of Monument Communications said “a person-to-
person demonstration of this product will plow through the most common
barriers and make it even more clear to people why AOL is the leader.”

Monument Communications will be responsible for refunding applicants membership fees. Officials from Monument could not be reached for comment.

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