AOL, Gateway Test Consumer Broadband Demand

America Online Inc. and Gateway Inc. Wednesday launched a Digital Subscriber Line pilot program to consumers in two U.S. markets.

The industry heavy weights broadband initiative in on trial in Timonium, Md.,
and in San Diego, Calif.
In both markets, the pilot programs will be offered at local Gateway
Country stores.

Bob Pittman, AOL (AOL)
president and chief operating officer, said partnering with the nation’s
top personal computer seller offers big opportunities for consumers seeking
high-speed DSL access.

“We believe that people will be very excited about broadband access after
they have the opportunity to see its potential,” Pittman said. “Gateway’s
sales representatives will be available to answer their questions and
determine whether consumers can take advantage of our DSL service, and we
look forward to working with Gateway to expand this program.”

Jeff Weitzen, Gateway (GTW)
president and chief executive officer, said he’s pleased with the AOL deal
because the digital future depends on brining broadband access to the masses.

“With DSL, which will be the plumbing for the digital home of the future,
the Internet is always available instantly, much like the telephone or an
electric light,” Weitzen said. “As the width of the digital pipe increases,
it allows us to provide to our clients a much richer Internet experience,
and really lays the foundation for changing the way we live, learn, work
and play.”

The broadband test marketing is an offshoot of the AOL-Gateway pact forged
last October. The alliance includes cross marketing promotions of AOL
connectivity with Gateway products and sales channels.

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