AOL to Conduct High-Speed Access Trials

America Online today announced it will partner with GTE Internetworking to conduct field trials for high-speed access to its service using Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) broadband services.

GTE Internetworking will provide integration services for the initial tests, and will coordinate between AOL and the regional phone companies delivering DSL service in selected U.S. regions, including Bell Atlantic and GTE Corp.

DSL technology provides high-speed bandwidth to PCs over existing telephone lines. AOL said it aims to be the first national service provider to offer residential consumers DSL access and transmission speeds rated at 25 times faster than a standard 28.8K modem.

AOL’s DSL trials will be conducted over the portion of AOLnet
which is operated by GTE Internetworking under an existing contract.

Trials will begin roll out in Birmingham, AL; Phoenix; the Greater Bay Area, CA; the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C.; and Redmond, WA. Pricing is set at $49.95 per month, which includes the monthly AOL subscription fee.

AOL Interactive Services will also collaborate with content partners to deliver special high bandwidth content specifically designed with high-speed access users in mind.

AOL Members can learn more about the DSL trials and technology at Keyword: DSL.

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