AppStream Deploys Rich Applications

AppStream Inc. Monday unveiled a new technology enabling application service providers (ASPs), e-commerce sites and enterprises to break apart dynamic content and applications and deliver them to end-users in a personlized, on-demand basis. AppStream said the technology will accelerate and simplify hosting, management and deployment of rich applications at the edge of a network.

The company also announced a Series A round of financing of $8.5 million from leading venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurveston, Evergreen Management and angel investors.

Uri Raz, founder and chief executive officer of AppStream said the company has spent more than two years overcoming the challenges and inefficiences of managing and deploying applications throughout a network. He said AppStream has created a new architecture that automatically adapts to the ever-expanding nature of the Internet, resulting in a rich, proprietary technology that leverages the edge of the Internet to speed application deployment and allow applications to become an organic part of the network.

“AppStream has the opportunity to change Internet- and network-based computing as we know it,” said Jennifer Fonstad, director at Draper Fisher Jurvetson, the lead firm involved in AppStream’s first external financing round. “It became obvious to us almost immediately that AppStream has the management team, technology and vision to quickly catapult into a key Internet infrastructure player.”

The AppStream Virtual Hosting Network is based on proprietary technologies for segmentation, prediction and delivery of software and data. In the segmentation stage, data and applications are segmented automatically based on their structure and continuous analysis of usage patterns. Usage patterns are then analyzed in real time to sequence dat and application segments for optimized delivery to each end-user or network edge. Streaming protocols are then used to speed delivery of segments and retrieve usage statistics.

“AppStream is an important breakthrough for using Java on the Web because it adds a sorely needed layer of intelligence to the Internet,” said Scott McPherson, chief executive officer of “AppStream anticipates what the user will need next and loads pieces of the application over the network accordingly. Using AppStream with the MochaMail client applet, we saw application loading times on a dialup modem drop from almost two minutes to under ten seconds.”

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