Asera Opens Platform to ISVs

eBusiness platform provider Asera Inc. announced today (Nov 13) that the latest release of its eService Platform has been designed for open integration, expanded personalization portal capabilities and an integrated development and deployment environment.

Asera has opened its platform to certified third-party Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Systems Integrators (SIs) to integrate a host of new, industry-leading and legacy applications to the Asera solution. The open API platform architecture fully supports the integration of third-party solutions to Asera’s existing eBusiness applications.

“It’s an opportunity for us to let others embrace the power of our technology — to scale their business with ours,” Chris Hyrne, VP of Asera’s Andersen Alliance, told ASP News. “Our core competency is building out the architecture for integrating applications and delivering functionality. What we’re looking to do is scale into vertical markets, allowing partners to build applications to suit their needs.”

The first phase of the Technology Solution Provider Program begins with three initial pilot partners, Channelwave, Expert Commerce, and iMediation, and will be officially launched in the first quarter of 2001. In this initial phase, the Technology Solution Providers will be provided with a complete Application Development Workbench to integrate their application components to the Asera solution.

The development workbench includes an integrated development environment that enables developers to build, configure, customize and efficiently manage change. Asera’s Technology Solution Provider program enables partners to integrate their applications to existing applications, adapt the applications to the specific needs of the customer, and evolve their functionality as customer needs change and grow.

The new enhancements to the Asera adaptive platform include the addition of portal elements and deepened functionality to the order management, auction, exchange, community and content management services. These enhanced services join applications from Interwoven, Moai and MarketSoft that comprise the Asera offering.

The Asera adaptive platform serves as an aggregator of disparate sources within an enterprise such as database systems, ERP, CRM, SFA and legacy systems, and external web sites. With the enhanced open architecture, the platform supports rapid extension and replacement functionality.

“Instead of asking an ASP to host a specific software title, businesses are asking them to deliver business processes over the web. The user is becoming isolated from the technology, and it becomes more like a utility model,” Hyrne said.

Asera also announced today that BP Chemicals, a division of global energy company BP Amoco plc. (NYSE:BP), and German steel and raw materials distributor Stinnes Interfer AG have selected Asera to expand their eBusiness capabilities.

BP Chemicals has completed six successful activations of Asera in the United States and Europe, and has signed a 24-month service agreement with the company. The Asera powered site, ChemicalsChoice, integrates 16 business units and provides a seamless customer interface to BP. ChemicalsChoice is among the leading eBusiness solutions BP is implementing as part of the company’s digital business initiative.

Stinnes Interfer AG, a division of Stinnes Logistics AG, will go live this month with Asera. In the first phase of activation, Stinnes Interfer will use Asera to automate and expand both its sales and channels over the web. In addition, Stinnes Interfer will use the Asera solution to offer customers personalized steel services.

In August, Asera completed a third round of Series C funding totaling $115 million from leading technology companies including Cisco Systems, Intel, Nortel Networks, SAP and

Siemens as well as blue chip venture capital firms Kleiner Perkins and Bowman Capital.

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