ASPIC Plans Global Study

The ASP Industry Consortium (ASPIC) has commissioned the largest-ever study of the ASP market, with the aim of measuring worldwide supply and demand for ASP services.

The global study will create a greater understanding of the evolution of the business model, as well as give ASPIC the ability to track and assess both successful and unsuccessful ASP business scenarios.

Conducted by PMP Research under the direction of ASPIC, the survey will include more than 3,000 interviews in 17 countries to address both end-user and vendor sides of the industry.

“This is by far the largest and most comprehensive study ever undertaken in this industry, underlining the Consortium`s commitment to the future of the ASP business model,” said Jeff Maynard, European chairman, ASP Industry Consortium. “Among the Consortium’s key objectives are to create a better understanding of the ASP model and to provide clarity on a number of key issues facing the industry. The PMP study will go a long way towards achieving these goals.”

The study will create a multi-sourced, comprehensive global database of ASP vendors that spans the entire ASP value chain from software development and provisioning to the network distribution, systems integration, and customer interface of ASP service offerings.

Among the 3,000 interviewees will be Application Infrastructure Providers (AIPs), Network Service Providers (NSP), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Hosting Service Providers (HSPs), and ASPs. Work has already begun with initial results available in June and continuing throughout the year.

Countries included in the PMP tracking study are UK, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Hong Kong, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and USA.

Founded in May 1999, the ASP Industry Consortium is an international advocacy group of more than 800 companies formed to promote the application service provider industry by sponsoring research, promoting best practices, and articulating the measurable benefits of the ASP delivery model. Its goals include educating the marketplace, developing common definitions for the industry, as well as serving as a forum for discussion and sponsoring research.

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