Announces Family of Application Solutions

With the goal of offering secure capabilities to protect content on the Internet, increased its range and yesterday introduced the TrustData Family of Application Solutions., supplier of Digital Rights Management software and services to the ASP market, described the TrustData Family of Application Solutions as an application suite facilitating e-commerce by providing a secure business environment for protecting any digital information used with or shared among enterprises.

The company also announced today its initial application solution, TrustData Software Distribution Manager. This provides ASPs, software companies and their distributors a secure eBusiness environment for protecting software from piracy however that software is distributed and where ever it is used, according to Larry Howard, executive vice president.

“For example, if a user downloads a copy of a tax program from an ASP, he or she will not be able to share that program with anyone who does not satisfy the usage rules in place for that particular client,” Larry McArthur, founder and chief executive officer, said. “Software use can be governed even when the user disconnects from the ASP’s service.”

Howard told ASP-News the company plans to roll out the rest of the family within a couple of months. This will include: TrustData Secure e-mail, TrustData Enterprise Digital Information Management, TrustData Telemedical Records Management, TrustData Net Based Secure Information Collaboration, TrustDataB2B and B2C e-commerce and TrustData Biometric Authentication.

“The next application released will be the TrustData Telemedical Records Management, which is built to manage HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability ACT) compliant issues,” Howard said.

This news comes shortly after the company announced it raised $9 million in its first round of financing late last month.

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