Atomz Promote Promises Results

“The Internet is not a destination. It’s a way to do business,” says Seth Brenzel, director of marketing at Atomz, a San Francisco-based ASP that offers Web site search and content management services.

To help Web sites generate the results businesses are searching for, Atomz today announced Atomz Promote, a Web-native service that integrates Atomz Search and Atomz Publish to deliver keyword-driven content and promotions.

“Search and content management go together,” Brenzel told ASPnews. “Search is still the killer app of the Web. When you combine that with the power of content management, you can convert visitors to customers.”

The product is also designed to move managing search-driven content from systems administrators and Web masters to editors and marketing people. Those less-technical professionals can now “target ads, promotion and content based on search criteria,” Brenzel said.

The benefit is two-fold, according to Brenzel: The business side of the company has greater control over content and the IT staff is freed from having to make frequent Web site changes.

“For site visitors, it means more relevant and timely content associated with each specific request. For companies, it represents an exceptional way of generating sales leads, up-selling products, moving inventory and providing excellent customer service through their Web sites,” said Steve Kusmer, CEO and co-founder of Atomz.

Atomz Promote is designed to allows companies to instantly review and analyze site search requests and add relevant content to search results. It works like this: A product marketing manager at a consumer electronics company could, for example, create a promotion for DVD players that would appear whenever a visitor searched on “DVD.” Designing the promotion and adding the proper links and images requires no programming or coding.

Similarly, according to Atomz, editors at media and publishing companies can highlight related editorial content to terms repeatedly searched for on their Web site.

Pricing for Atomz Promote starts at $35,000 per year and comes bundled with Atomz Search. The fee, Brenzel said, includes access for five users, 250 promotions, unlimited phone and email support, and a one-time orientation session.

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