AT&T Completes Hat Trick With Infoseek

In what marks the third deal of its kind this week, AT&T announced a three-year portal agreement with Infoseek Corp. under which AT&T’s Internet access services will be combined with Infoseek’s content and community offerings.

The “Infoseek Online Powered By AT&T WorldNet Service” comes on the heels of similar alliances made with Infoseek rivals Excite and Lycos earlier this week.

In addition to Internet access via its WorldNet service, AT&T said it will supply Infoseek users with a variety of applications such as anonymous voice chat and click-to-dial directories.

In return, Infoseek will provide visitors with a co-branded Personal Communications Center highlighting AT&T services including AT&T One Rate Online, AT&T Wireless Services, AT&T Prepaid Cards, and AT&T WorldNet Service.

AT&T said it plans to deliver a range of new multimedia Internet protocol (IP) applications that are currently under development to Infoseek, Lycos, and Excite viewers in the coming months.

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