AT&T Overhauls WorldNet Service

Anticipating a holiday rush on ISPs as more customers
hook up to the Internet, AT&T
Tuesday revamped its offerings.

WorldNet, AT&T’s Internet service provider, is offering new pricing
options, new features and holiday incentives. New offerings include a
$21.95 per month service for unlimited Internet access, six Web-based
e-mail accounts, larger space for member Web sites and instant notification
of e-mail.

The company also partnered with software firm Tribal Voice to offer an instant
messaging service, AT&T I M Here, which allows members to chat, share files
and play games with each other in real time. WorldNet members can also
host a 10-person Tribal Voice community for one year, as part of the

In related news, WorldNet service has received an A+ rating from Inverse
Network Technology in terms of log-in times for September to November.

“This series of announcements today clearly demonstrates AT&T’s commitment
to providing a reliable, high-quality experience for people who use the
Internet to simplify their lives,” said Dan Schulman, president of AT&T
WorldNet Service.

“We expect that ‘power’ users will leave other ISPs and take
advantage of our new pricing offer and other new features including the
instant messaging capabilities.”

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