AT&T Wireless Debuts Free Wireless Internet

AT&T Wireless Group this week
introduced its Digital PocketNet service designed to provide unlimited
wireless access to over 40 stripped-down Web sites.

The division of AT&T Corp. is initially offering the service at no extra charge when customers
purchase one of two new wireless Internet phones and sign up for any AT&T
Wireless Services digital voice plan.

AT&T Wireless Services is diving into the booming wireless Internet market
segment looking to overshadow rivals by offering twice as as many Web
destinations than its competitors.

AT&T Wireless Services customers may also opt for adding other wireless
capabilities, including e-mail access, personal organizer services and
access to the Internet portal Excite.

Fresh from its well-received initial stock offing, John D. Zeglis, AT&T
Wireless Group chairman and chief executive officer, said the service
launch it part of AT&T plan to dominate wireless Internet services in the U.S.

“We’re continuing to participate in one of the greatest revolutions in
communications by bringing together two of the world’s most powerful
mediums, wireless communications and the Internet, and placing them in the
hands and pockets of our customers,” Zeglis said. “Introduced just three
weeks after the country’s largest IPO, our new AT&T Digital PocketNet
service offers a highly personalized way for people to bring their wireless
phone and the Internet together.”

AT&T Digital PocketNet service provides wireless Internet with a variety of
e-commerce, informational, and entertainment services. Content from
top-rated Web destinations like, eBay,, and DealTime are available with AT&T’s
basic service plan for $7 a month.

The AT&T Wireless $15 a month premium plan provides access to calendar
services, contact organization and to-do lists, as well as filtered text
access to other Web content.

DealTime Mobile provides AT&T’s wireless subscribers with the ability to
compare products and prices across the Web at anytime, from anywhere

Dan Ciporin, DealTime president and chief executive officer, said the
comparison shopping service puts the power of the Internet in the hands of
consumers nationwide.

“Our partnership with AT&T wireless places DealTime’s comparison shopping
service at the fingertips of AT&T Digital PocketNet subscribers,” Ciporin
said. “DealTime Mobile will enable AT&T wireless subscribers to comparison
shop anywhere using their Internet-ready mobile phones, even while standing
in the store in front of their intended purchase.”

Mohan Gyani, AT&T Wireless Services president and chief executive officer
said its PocketNet service would change the standard for accessing the
wireless Internet.

“The unlimited access to the wireless Internet enables more people to
obtain information in over 3000 cities across the U.S.,” Gyani said.

Customers signing up for AT&T Digital PocketNet service can use either the
LM Ericsson Telephone Co. or Mitsubishi
Web-enabled wireless phones. Both handsets are
Digital multi-network phones which use the AT&T Wireless Internet Protocol
Cellular Digital Packet Data network for data services and the Time
Division Multiple Access network for digital voice services.

AT&T Wireless currently provides wireless voice, data and fixed wireless
communications for more than 12.5 million customers. With annual revenues
of more than

$7 billion and 18,000 employees, AT&T Wireless Group provides
services to customers across the globe.

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