AT&T’s Ken Sichauto Named to USi’s Board

In a move that could only tighten the bond between the two companies, USinternetworking, Inc. named AT&T’s Ken Sichauto to its board of directors earlier this week.

Sichau, as president of AT&T Business Services Sales, leads the company’s nationwide business sales organization, which provides a full range of communications services.

Christopher McCleary, chairman and chief executive officer, USi, said, “We’re pleased to have Ken Sichau join USi’s board of directors. With 15 years experience in developing, marketing and selling leading-edge networking services, Ken brings a unique perspective on how companies can leverage networking technologies to improve their business.”

This announcement comes shortly after
USinternetworking, Inc. and AT&T (USIX) originally announced on February 18 its strategic alliance to jointly market and deliver ASP services to dotcoms, mid-market and high-growth companies.

It was the company’s original intent to launch the program in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia, and roll out the program to additional domestic markets throughout the year.

Keeping true to its words, USi and AT&T launched its marketing and technology agreement in the said areas yesterday

As a core component of USi’s Global Services Platform (USi GSP) and AT&T’s domestic and international frame, ATM and IP services are used to connect and deliver functionality to USi clients. AT&T is also the preferred network provider to USi clients for these services. USi will leverage AT&T’s services to expand USi’s Storage Area Network, providing wide area networked storage that maximizes uptime for online companies.

“Our agreement with AT&T represents further benefits to our unique ASP-specific infrastructure as well as business commitments to enhance our end-to-end solutions and offersing as well as continue to grow our clients,” McCleary said.

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