@Bigger.net Users Left Offline Again

Former customers of Internet service provider
@bigger.net have gotten tossed offline as users of the one-time fee ISP
again find themselves unable to log on for Internet and e-mail services.

Advertising-based ISP @Bigger.net of San Jose, Calif. started by offering
customers lifetime Internet access for a one-time fee of $59.95. By
mid-October, the company has closed its offices and filed for Chapter 7
bankruptcy. Earlier this year, it was acquired by Brigadoon.com of Bellevue, Wash.

Brigadoon reportedly paid $275,000 to acquire @bigger.net and the deal was
finalized in November. This time, the outage is blamed on the fact
Brigadoon is having trouble lining up a backbone provider.

A recorded message at the company’s phone number apologizes to
@bigger.net’s users and promises fixes are on the way. Users are advised to
get updates through Brigadoon’s Web site, something they will have a
difficult time doing without Internet access.

Brigadoon has seen its own share of woes. The company has had cash flow
problems for the past three years. Brigadoon originally went into business
connecting schools and non-profits groups to the Net and offering free
e-mail accounts. It expected to make money by selling Internet services to
children’s parents.

In March, Brigadoon filed for Chapter 7 in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in
Seattle. The company planned to restructure its Internet offerings and
reduce personnel.

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