California Companies Expanding Wireless Services

As the wireless market continues to develop, innovative companies are
developing the content and the devices needed to offer remote access to
goods and services.

This week @Motion plans to release a product that could make every wireless
phone a portal access device.

The Redwood Shores, Calif., company intends to sell its carrier-grade
servers to wireless service providers. The plan includes partnering with
content providers to give wireless subscribers a variety of personalized

Features include unified messaging, Yellow Pages listing services, commuter
traffic updates, and stock quote services are just are part of the content
currently available to wireless providers.

According to published reports, @Motion service will differentiate itself
from competing wireless content services by paying special attention to
localized content and time critical applications.

The @Motion service works with any wireless handset including all wireless
phones. The system works on any wireless network, because it’s based on
Internet Protocol standards.

Meanwhile, one of the largest wireless activation services and wireless
product distributors in the U.S. has announced plans for its continued
expansion in the west.

American Wireless is
opening an office in Las Vegas that will manage activations, fulfillment
services and distribution of wireless products in the area for national
carriers Nextel and Sprint.

Jim Dunham, American Wireless senior vice president and general manager
said the expansion plans with national carriers means the company’s
expansion will share in the growth of wireless goods and services.

Dunham “Nextel and Sprint are the two fastest growing
national carriers in the U.S. By providing activations and fulfillment for
them in the Las Vegas area, we continue to contribute to their momentum.”

In addition to increasing indirect channels in the Las Vegas region for
Sprint and Nextel, American Wireless’ presence in Las Vegas offers
entrepreneurs diverse business opportunities. Dunham said that American
Wireless is growing their business by helping other companies recognizes
the many opportunities available through wireless systems.

“Whether [entrepreneurs are] interested in capturing market share of the
burgeoning business-to business wireless sales arena or specializing in the
consumer-driven retail market where wireless is one element of a complex
product mix, entrepreneurs can succeed with us.”

American Wireless provides wireless activations throughout the U.S. and
wholesale distribution of wireless products to carriers, retailers,
resellers, dealers and agents.

According to company sources, the Campbell, Calif.-based company activates
400,000 subscribers annually for Nextel, Sprint PCS, AirTouch Cellular, GTE Wireless, MCI Worldcom and US Cellular. The company also
distributes wireless products for Motorola, Sony, Audiovox, Ericsson, Plantronics and Garmin.

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