CommerceNet and PeerIntelligence Research P2P For Business

In response to the increasing development activity in peer-to-peer (P2P) technology, two companies have launched a research project that they say will impact the entire business community.

Cupertino, Calif. based CommerceNet Friday says it is working with Canadian-based PeerIntelligence on a joint study to, among other things, identify and prioritize areas of opportunity for P2P in Internet-related business and find ways to increase awareness of its advantages.

“Too much time is squandered developing applications that corporations don’t need,” says CommerceNet president and CEO Mark Resch. “Our goal is to provide the necessary research that will enable P2P developers to quickly and accurately design P2P applications that will be successful within organizations of all sizes.”

The study will also set out to identify the appropriate methods for put P2P applications into operation; assess the state of readiness for P2P and identify key P2P technologies and applications.

“Peer-to-peer is both a technology method and a way of working,” says PeerIntelligence P2P analyst and founding CEO Walid Mougayar. “It is already spurring extraordinary innovations with early adopters that are benefiting from it. This research will elevate the awareness and understanding levels for applying P2P technologies to realize business objectives.”

Participation in the survey is open to qualified professionals that are interested or involved in peer-to-peer technologies and their impact. Survey respondents will receive a free report analysis outlining key findings.

Final results are expected in October 2001.

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