Covad Adds Bi-Coastal Coverage

Covad Communications Group this week extended its
digital subscriber line services on both sides of the U.S. with digital
subscriber line launches in California, Alabama and Florida.

The footprint expansion means nearly one million new customers could
subscriber to Covad’s branded TeleSurfer DSL services.

Tom Wagner, Covad’s Western region president and general manager, said
DSL’s arrival in Santa Barbara and Ventura, Calif., is an opportunity to show a
larger audience the benefits of high-speed Internet access.

“Both of these cities are growing communities that are making the Internet
an every-day part of business practice, imperative for home offices, and a
great addition to home life,” Wagner said. “We expect the Covad
always-on, high-speed experience to change the way any dial-up user
utilizes the Internet and communicates with fellow employees, friends and

Carol Karney, Covad’s Southern region president and general manager, said
the expansion into Orlando, Fla., and Birmingham, Ala., is one more step toward
fulfilling the company’s national coverage goals.

“Covad’s expansion into Orlando and Birmingham is concurrent with our
strategically planned objective to increase our national footprint,” Karney

Covad’s enhanced service area extends through 90 of the top metropolitan
statistical areas in the U.S. The company plans to more than 165 major
metropolitan areas by the end of the year.

In releated news, Covad is currently negotiating to acquire Bluestar Communications Inc., a
privately-held Southwest region competitive local exchange carrier and
Internet service provider providing DSL coverage to 33 cities.

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