Critical Path Delivers Continuity

Critical Path, Inc. , the San Francisco, Calif.-based provider of integrated messaging solutions, today introduced the Critical Path Business Continuity Server (BCS) to protect enterprise directories from failure.

BCS is designed to keep corporations operating by providing a live copy of the directory in a remote geographic location. BCS is meant to complement the Critical Path Directory and offer enterprises security against hardware failure, data corruption or IT downtime, to keep their businesses running as usual.

Critical Path says that directories serve as the foundation for identity management through giving access to secure information, services and digital certificates based on user profiles. The firm saw a need for reliable directories which provided the impetus to create BCS.

Jim May, directory services project manager at Texas Instruments argues that Critical Path have recognized the growing dependency of major organizations on directory services and that BCS ensures seamless continuity of service: “We believe it will become a mandatory component in an organization’s business continuity plan,” he says.

Critical Path’s BCS is an extension to the Critical Path Directory providing a mirrored subsystem for corporate data. BCS maintains a geographically separate, live copy of any Critical Path Directory to be used in the event of failure to an active system.

Critical Path is debuting BCS at the Gartner Group’s IT Expo, in Orlando, Fla., October 8-12, 2001.

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