Oracle Gives ISVs New Software License

Software giant Oracle Corp. , today announced a new licensing model for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that embed Oracle’s platform technology into their software solutions.

The new Oracle Embedded Software License provides a pricing model applicable to the enitre Oracle technology platform — including Oracle9i Database and Oracle9i Application Server.

The License offers flexible pricing models for ISVs that can choose either a royalty option starting at five percent of their list price, or an 80 percent reduction on the Oracle List Price. Oracle says these options are designed to more closely align with ISVs go-to-market selling strategies.

“This pricing model is very cost effective and allows us to capture market-share at both the low and high end,” says Roger Sumner, chief technology officer for ISV, Rockwell Electronic Commerce.

Barbara McAteer, vice president, Oracle Alliance says that in sharing the benefits of Oracle 9i with the firm’s ISVs is an for all parties: “This is an open invitation for ISVs to access rich new market opportunities available via the unparalleled Internet technology of Oracle9i,” she says.

Oracle also provides sales and technical training and technical resource kits that include tools and utilities for ISVs to install and configure Oracle technology into their applications.

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