Dirig Expands Support for IBM

Dirig Software, a developer of application and system management software today announced it has extended its management capabilities for IBM WebSphere-based eBusiness infrastructures, supporting both IBM DB2 Universal Database and WebSphere Commerce Suite.

The addition of this product support, together with Dirig’s recent agreement with IBM Global Services aims to reinforce the firm’s position among providers of eBusiness performance management technology.

According to Robert Hoyt, CEO of Dirig Software, eBusiness infrastructures are becoming more complex so management solutions that can decrease lost transactions while providing business line views for managers to help increase profits are essential: “Our agreement with IBM Global Services combined with the strong relationship we have formed with the WebSphere group, has helped us accelerate our support of both the WebSphere Commerce Suite and DB2,” he says.

Dirig’s solutions including Fenway, RelyENT and xSPress will support management of IBM DB2 UDB through a Dirig Specific Application Manager (SAM); while support for WebSphere Commerce Suite will require the component management capabilities provided in Fenway. Management of WebSphere Commerce Suite will enable Fenway to manage an eBusiness infrastructure at levels that include proactive management of Enterprise Java Beans, servlets and connection pools.

Says Corey Ferengul senior program director at Meta Group: “In today’s economy organizations are looking for better performance from their eBusiness infrastructure, requiring management products to address specific technology in depth.” He goes on to explain that the solution should not stop at technology needs, but knowledge about eBusiness infrastructure. “We view alliances that bring technology and knowledge together to enhance both capabilities as important to end users,” he concludes.

Founded in 1997, Dirig Software is headquartered in Nashua, NH with offices in Chicago, IL. It has partnerships with IBM Global Services, Aprisma Management Technologies, Micromuse Inc., Hewlett-Packard Company, and BEA Systems Inc.

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