e-RMA Offers Return Management Solutions

Yesterday marked the debut of ASP e-RMA Corporation’s set of Web-based return management solutions, designed to lower the cost of processing returns of both online and offline purchases.

With the potential to make a lot of sales fulfillment people very happy, the solutions are designed for enterprises, e-commerce service providers and fulfillment houses in the B2B and B2C marketplaces.

According to the company, the solutions minimize or eliminate manual handling of returns throughout the supply chain, ensure smooth service for customers and provide detailed reports on return patterns that merchants can use to identify problems.

e-RMA Corporation recognizes the while many company have moved to automate and integrate their sales, inventory and supply chains, these companies are still having to spend large amounts on returns which are being handled manually.

“Our ability to lower that cost to less than $5 per return offers important business efficiencies for the booming e-commerce marketplace,” Raj Rajagopal, president and chief executive officer. “The fact that our system ensures smooth processing of returns helps keep customers happy and thereby boost customer retention.”

According to e-RMA, the service is priced on a sliding scale based on the number of returns.

The solutions are delivered under the ASP model and run with any accounting or ERP system, requiring no system integration for basic functionality.

e-RMA’s solutions allow return requests to be submitted online on forms customized by the merchant. An e-mail is automatically generated to advise customers of their request status, as well as real time reports on the products, reasons and sources of returns.

The solution offers multiple levels of security including firewall, SSL and user authentication. Features include the ability to configure or personalize the system, ability to accommodate changes without the use of an IT staff, ability to add business rules to improve the return process at any time without extensive programming.

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