RMI.NET Extends East Operations

RMI.NET Inc. extended their operations
to the Big Apple Thursday when the New York
Metro Library Council
tapped the Denver-based access provider for
high-speed Internet access and application services for five years.

The library evaluated RMI.NET and local Internet
service providers on performance-based issues in order to award the contract.

Steven Eschbach, RMI.NET vice president of investor relations, credits
their selection on quality of service.

“In terms of accomplishment, this is big,” Eschbach said. “We were among
four local ISPs competing for this contract. It was pleased with our
connection times and they were happy with our technical support.”

Esbach added that the deal is a big accomplishment for RMI.NET because it
allows the provider to serve Internet access to renowned institutions like
the Museum of Modern Art and New York Department of

RMI.NET plans to extend its current sales forces located in Denver and
Chicago to New York City.

Douglas H. Hanson, RMI.NET chairman and chief executive officer, said the
firm is pleased to enter the highly competitive market in New York.

“RMI.NET is proud to have penetrated one of the toughest high-tech markets
in the nation,” Hanson said. “There is enormous potential for us to
collaborate with public organizations, helping them provide technology
solutions to their patrons.”

Because of the organizations’ non-profit status, the institutions were
granted discounts for Internet services through the federal government’s
E-rate Program.

Under an extension of the Universal Service Fund, U.S. public and private
schools, libraries, and rural health care providers are eligible to seek
federal funds to subsidize telecommunications services.

For every $1 spent on computer and Internet connectivity by the
organizations, 20 cents is paid by E-rate funds.

The library council is a non-profit organization of 268 academic, hospital,
public and special libraries throughout the five boroughs of New York and
Westchester County.

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