e.spire Aspires to Become National ISP

Communications Inc.
Wednesday announced a major expansion plan for its
Internet capabilities in 15 states and the District of Columbia.

For the first
time ever, e.spire plans to extend its predominantly business-oriented
dialup services to residential customers in 25 U.S. cities. Additionally,
e.spire also plans to offer high-speed Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
service in New York, Atlanta and Florida.

Expansion plans for e.spire include offering dial-up Internet service to
residential customers in 25 new markets by the end of the first quarter.
e.spire’s expansion of Internet services in the new markets will position
the company among the ranks of national Internet providers.

“e.spire is emerging as one of the industry’s data leaders in 1999, with
the ability to offer customers the full range of dial-up and dedicated
Internet capabilities, powered by our own robust data network and service
infrastructure,” said Anthony J. Pompliano, e.spire chairman and chief
executive officer.

Vernon Irvin, e.spire Communication’s newly named executive vice president
of corporate development and strategy said the company is now ready to move
ahead as a competitive nationwide ISP.

In each of the 25 new markets, the e.spire infrastructure consists of
extensive local fiber optic networks equipped with Lucent 5ES- 2000 digital
switches, Newbridge MainStreet Xpress ATM switches and Cisco Internet

e.spire’s planned DSL offering will provide dedicated Internet access to
small and home office businesses that require high-bandwidth
Internet applications such as videoconferencing, extranets, and remote access.

Late in 1998, e.spire became a Tier 1 Internet company by expanding its
Internet backbone and signing key private and public peering agreements.
e.spire was one of the industry’s first companies to offer integrated
products including bundled Internet access, local and long distance voice,
Frame Relay and ATM.

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