Edge Web Host Selects Sockeye

Under a new contract, Edge Web Hosting is using Sockeye Networks‘ GlobalRoute service to help manage network traffic. Neither financial terms, nor duration of the deal, was disclosed.

By automatically routing network traffic around bottlenecks, GlobalRoute ensures Edge Web’s enterprise customers receive don’t suffer delays.

GlobalRoute also balances traffic across Edge Web’s Internet transits to minimize costs, taking into account different pricing models on upstream transits. The companies said the installation saves Edge Web $6,000 per month in service provider costs.

“Internet brownouts and complaints about upstream Internet performance have dropped off almost completely,” said Edge Web co-founder Vlad Friedman. “We no longer have to spend time hand massaging our edge routers to balance traffic across transits.”

“Hosting companies . . . must continuously look for ways to differentiate service while controlling costs,” said Brendan Hannigan, a Sockey vice president said. “GlobalRoute’s ability to optimize performance while controlling costs enables Edge Web to achieve both objectives.”

Sockeye is privately held and based in Waltham, Mass. The company spun out of content delivery specialist Akamai Technologies. It recently upgraded its GlobalRoute service.

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