EMC Delivers Anti-Virus Solution for Celerra File Server

EMC and the four largest anti-virus software vendors have announced an integrated anti-virus solution for the Celerra File Server, EMC’s enterprise-level network attached storage offering.

The Celerra Anti-Virus Solution leverages EMC’s relationships with Computer Associates, McAfee, Symantec and Trend Micro to provide customers with centralized, scalable virus-checking functionality while maintaining enterprise levels of data availability.

The solution utilizes external anti-virus engines from each of the four vendors to provide “on-access” anti-virus scanning by checking data and content files for viruses as they are updated.

“In order to employ enterprise-level virus-checking capability, companies no longer have to choose between high-level performance and security — the Celerra Anti-Virus Solution provides both,” said Jon Brown, vice president of engineering at Activate.net. “And, by virtue of EMC’s partnerships with leading anti-virus vendors, companies can leverage their existing infrastructure to add flexible and centralized virus-checking functionality to their environment.”

The Celerra Anti-Virus Solution provides a consolidated approach to virus checking by taking advantage of the robust Celerra architecture while augmenting existing server and desktop anti-virus software.

By integrating external anti-virus engines with Celerra, customers benefit by isolating virus checking from other information flows, scaling anti-virus capabilities as necessary, and facilitating improvements to system performance and data availability.

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