Enchilada Woos Net Newcomers

Simple Solution’s Enchilada, an
Internet/PC package, Thursday launched its campaign to bring into the
online community millions of people who have avoided purchasing a computer or Internet access.

Enchilada, which includes a PC, Internet access and free in-home setup,
targets neophyte net and computer users who feel intimidated by either the
cost or complexity of the Internet. Customers will receive four years of
unlimited Internet access and a free instructional video.

“We’re providing the whole enchilada for $19.99 (a month), a great value with no
strings attached for the price of Internet access alone,” said Ike Sutton,
CEO and president of The Simple Solution. “Unlike so-called ‘free PC
offerings,’ the customer owns the computer from day one and won’t be
bombarded with Internet ads.”

Enchilada’s Web site will feature “SOS Enchilada,” six easy, step-by-step tutorials on such basic activities as sending and receiving email, locating a specific Web site, sending and receiving photos or documents, and even purchasing items via the Net.

Users can also upgrade to the “Enchilada Grande” package which includes a
Lexmark color printer, an office suite package with word processing,
database, and graphics.

To facilitate e-commerce with its installed base, Enchilada will soon be
offering an Enchilada branded credit card in partnership with a major bank.

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