Ensim’s New Deployment Platform Offers More to DSL Providers

Ensim Corporation has taken the next step to offer more features to DSL service providers through its flagship deployment platform ServerXchange.

Provider of Internet infrastructure products Ensim Corp. will announce next week that ServerXchange now allows DSL service providers to offer high-value, high-margin application services that improve customer loyalty and increase profits without incurring the costs of additional infrastructure.

“ServerXchange allows DSL servers to capitalize on the infrastructure they’ve already invested in and to also sell higher value services to customers, not just bandwidth,” said Vikram Mehta, vice president marketing.

Ensim currently has four customers going into production and 25 in beta that will roll out into the production environment. “We are working with 60 different partners to integrate our technology,” Mehta said.

ServerXchange makes it possible for DSL service providers to become a one-stop-shop for a wide variety of services including Web hosting, calendering, e-mail, productivity applications and e-commerce applications. According to Mehta, businesses and consumers will now be able to get DSL bandwidth and a range of application services from a single source instantly.

Mehta was quick to point out what he felt were a few glitches with the ASP model. “Apps on tap is a great market,” he said. “But once you turn the tap on, it is a three day wait before you have access. When you turn a light switch on, you know exactly what will happen instantaneously–we are about to do that to the ASP industry. Apps on tap is not quite a utility computing model.”

Mehta also pointed out that all the ASP metering is done at a bandwidth level, so it doesn’t always measure accurate usage

Ensim allows the application to be metered as a commodity once the tap is turned on. “We don’t worry about the bandwidth usage,” Mehta said. “We charge based on what the client actually uses. Metering bandwidth was fine when the world was about network connectivity. But it has taken steps forward since that point.”

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