Exenet to Host FIRM’S Web App

FIRM Inc., a New York, NY-based provider of online information and research management software, yesterday announced it has selected Exenet Technologies to host its ASP production environment.

FIRM, a subsidiary of Norweigan-based company, FIRM AS, will use Exenet’s hosting infrastructure to provide improved security, scalability, performance, uptime and stability, service upgrades it says it needs for its Web-based survey and feedback application, confirmit, which is used by corporations to fulfill human resources and market research and customer relationship management (CRM) functions.

“As a result of our growing client base and global expansion efforts, we needed to find those partners with the flexibility and resources to grow with us,” says Stein Onsrud, CEO for FIRM.

Sam Negahbani, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Exenet, says the company is excited to have been chosen by FIRM to offer its managed network infrastructure services:
“FIRM can be confident that they are supported with an optimized network platform that is both reliable and able to grow to meet the variety of business needs for their clients,” he says.

Founded in 1997 in New York City, Exenet Technologies provides IT solutions and has served hundreds of enterprise customers. Its platform is enhanced through technology partnerships with Cisco Systems, Computer Associates, Level (3), Network Associates and Novell.

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