FutureNet Jumps Into ISP Pool

Web marketer FutureNet Online Inc. has taken
steps to become an Internet service provider by this week signing an
agreement with Source Online Inc. to
provide FutureNet’s Internet backbone.

“Because of our work in the Internet industry in the past two and a half
years, we recognized the need to become an Internet service provider
ourselves,” said Alan J. Setlin, chairman of FutureNet Online.

signing of this agreement will provide a new source of income for the
company and bring to the company,
in addition to our original WebTV users, a whole new level of Internet
service customers,” said Setlin.

No financial specifics were disclosed.

Source is an ISP provider to other companies and just recently signed an
agreement with US Guardian Inc. As part of its agreement with Source,
FutureNet will offer the Guardian filter to all FutureNet subscribers.

“This will expand the marketing strategy of the company into areas
FutureNet was unable to move into
before. This will certainly lead to many more people taking advantage of
FutureNet’s Buy It All
E-Commerce Mall,” Setlin said.

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