GRIC Alliance Expands AOL Global Network

America Online Inc. Monday tapped global
IP service provider GRIC Communications
to expand its AOLGlobalnet Plus Network.

The alliance allows America Online’s global network
members to connect to GRIC’s high-speed access points
around the world for secure and remote access to the Internet.

By tapping into GRIC’s alliance network, AOL members have access to more
than 4,000 local points-of-presence in more than 120 countries.

Dr. Hong Chen, GRIC president and chief executive officer, said the
alliance allows AOL to offer extensive global roaming services to its members.

“By utilizing our GRICtraveler technology in their AOLGlobalnet Plus
Network, AOL is maximizing the high value that GRIC offers to top-tier
service providers,” Chen said. “We are excited about the synergies expected
from AOL utilizing the world’s most extensive international Internet
roaming network.”

The GRIC alliance extends AOLGlobalnet Plus Network’s reach into 10
additional countries and enhances its remote access programs in 33
countries, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Pete Miller, AOL director of international operations, said the partnership
with GRIC permits AOL members to stay connected no matter where they roam.

“Working with GRIC helps enable us to offer our members expanded global
coverage, building on our extensive global availability with greater
flexibility and faster remote access,” Miller said. “In more than 120
countries, AOL now offers members Internet access via a local phone call.”

Only Windows 95 and up AOL 5.0 users can utilize the AOLGlobalnet Plus
Network. Members simply find local access numbers on the connection setup
screen when they log-on as they roam the world.

California-based GRIC Communications is a worldwide service provider
offering multiple IP-based services on a global scale to more than 350
Internet service providers and telecom companies.

Its managed global GRIC Alliance Network delivers access and termination
for IP telephony services, global Internet access, and corporate secure
remote access. GRIC’s network serves an estimated 40 million corporate
users and 30 million dial-up users worldwide.

Service providers may join the GRIC Alliance Network to gain instant access
to its global infrastructure by linking their networks to the IP aggregator.

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