GTE Set To Test SuperLine Access

AG Communication Systems, a subsidiary of
Lucent Technologies, Monday announced
that GTE Network Services will launch a
dual state test of their SuperLine Access System in July.

The innovative bundled solution is designed to deliver additional voice
lines and data over existing copper wiring, reducing upgrade costs and
deployment time.

SuperLine voice and data access consists of the SuperLine Access Shelf
manufactured by AG Communication Systems and the SuperLine Integrated
Access Device manufactured by Paradyne

The SAS resides in a service provider’s central office or at a remote
digital loop carrier’s location. The SuperLine IAD is a connectivity device
about the size of a regular modem that is located in a customer’s home or

“Keeping up with the soaring demand for additional phone lines is a
significant challenge,” said Barry Paulson, GTE’s vice president of operations
planning and support.

Paulson said SuperLine would provide an immediate means to solve line
shortages by filling regional gaps where deploying new copper pairs or
other loop access technologies is too costly.

“Every day that service providers delay in putting SuperLine in their
networks is a lost revenue and cost reduction opportunity,” said Mark
Emery, vice president and general manager of AG Communication Systems’ New
Ventures Group.

“SuperLine, service providers can quickly and easily
expand their revenues and market coverage by addressing customer demands
for multiple lines and higher data speeds.”

SuperLine utilizes standards-based digital links to deliver the additional
voice lines from a central office switch, and standards-based data
connections at the central office and customer premises.

SuperLine can be fully populated in standard binder groups because it uses
Paradyne technology to triple a copper lines functions within existing
network services and legacy data circuits.

Unlike existing solutions for digitally adding lines to an existing copper
wire, SuperLine is customer-installable. Service providers do not need to
send technicians to each connecting site to install the SuperLine IAD.
Self-installation significantly reduces costs and allows service providers
to quickly get the new phone lines into service for increased customer

Subscribers simply plug the SuperLine IAD into a conventional power outlet
and any existing phone jack. The additional phone lines are accessed
through standard modular jacks on the SuperLine IAD and support enhanced
voice services such as call forwarding, caller ID, and call waiting.

SuperLine supports the maximum-allowable speeds of V.90 protocols through
56 kilobit-per-second analog modems.

The SuperLine Access System being tested by GTE is also available from
Lucent Technologies based upon an original equipment manufacturer agreement
between Lucent and AG Communication Systems.

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