GTE to Launch ADSL Service

Starting in June, GTE Corporation will roll out network-based asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) service, offering high-speed Internet digital connections in 16
states through its GTE Network Services division.

Contingent upon regulatory approval, the company said this would be the
country’s largest deployment of ADSL service, which is designed to increase Internet connection speeds up to 50 times faster than regular modems.

GTE named Texas-based Fujitsu
Network Communications, Inc.
and digital subscriber line partner Orckit Communications Ltd. as the equipment service providers.

“Since launching the industry’s first data-oriented ADSL trial, we have
strived to develop a simple, friendly and affordable way to revolutionize
the way our customers communicate,” GTE president Kent B. Foster said in a statement. “This new service offering gives Internet users at work, home and school a competitive edge, and paves the way for increased productivity, and
vastly improved performance compared to lower-speed modems.”

June ADSL launches are scheduled for cities in California, Florida, Hawaii,
Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, and Washington, the company said.

Cities in Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin will be ADSL-enabled in July through October.

GTE said it plans to offer five different ADSL service packages, with pricing dependent upon length of term and volume. A monthly price ranging from $30 to $250 is projected, excluding installation, Internet service charges, and modem lease fees.

GTE will also offer customers high-speed ADSL with Internet access service for approximately $60 a month, and will develop ADSL and Internet
access service packages with other ISPs.

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